Sauna and bathing

Floating sauna 

Uiskola's speciality is a floating sauna built on a Marinetek pontoon. What could be more memorable than enjoying the warmth of a wood-burning sauna and the ripple of the waves while admiring the beautiful lake scenery from the window, and then stepping out into the lake for a dip?

In wintertime, bathers can swim in a hole carved in the ice right next to the floating sauna. The veranda opposite the sauna is ideal for cooling off. The sauna seats 18 bathers and has a spacious changing room.

Lakeside sauna

Facing the floating sauna is Uiskola's original lakeside sauna that sits right by Lake Kirrinen. The decoration of the changing room brings a little bit of romantic and rustic charm to the log sauna, and the sauna room windows afford a beautiful view of the lake. The sauna seats 10 bathers.

Sauna with a fireplace lounge

Near the accommodation facilities lies a sauna that has a fireplace lounge and a view over a classic rural landscape. After bathing in the wood-burning sauna, guests can continue their evening in the enjoyable glow of the fireplace. The sauna seats 15 bathers.

Wine barrel bathing

Between the floating sauna and the lakeside sauna sits Uiskola's unique barrel bath – a repurposed oak wine barrel that can hold 12 bathers at a time. A hot bath under the stars on a moonlit night is sure to be a memorable experience! If you like, you can also book a real wine bath.

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